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Packaging Supplies You’ll Need Before Moving

Along with the right moving company, the right moving supplies and methods are just as important. Your belongings are too valuable to be left solely in the hands of moving companies. That said, one must take precautions to ensure all items are securely packaged and protected.

Various Packaging Supplies Options

Anything that is soft can be tucked away in a Space Bag. Space Bags are available in various sizes, allowing you to neatly store clothes, pillow, blankets, towels and sheets. Once you pack the Space Bag, you can vacuum the air out, leaving much more room for bulkier items. When packing bulky items like TV’s, pricey appliances and priceless art, snag boxes and secure it in layers of bubble wrap. Taping the layers of bubble wrap down ensures expensive items aren’t tampered with and won’t break in transit. If you need a packaging moving supply option that is easy to move and store, this is it!

  • Packaging Options

    There are supplies for every item and situation. Packaging Moving supplies include: textile moving blankets, stretch wrap 20, nylon rope to secure loose items with and bubble wraps to protect the expensive things. Also keep a liberal supply of packing papers, stretch wraps of various sizes and a tape dispenser readily available. The biggest challenge you are likely to encounter is when you actually move the heavy objects. Even though you may have packed them well, when it comes to moving, ensure you have enough of moving straps so they don’t fall off or tilt awkwardly.

  • Checking the Packages

    Keeping a tab on what has gone into different boxes is important. A brief description on each moving supply box will help keep track of everything you brought and will make it easier when it’s time to unpack. And if you don’t get the urge to unpack right away, it will ensure that you’ll find items for your immediate needs; the cutlery, clothing, toiletries and bedding.

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