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My Moving Checklist – Manage Your Move Effortlessly

At Saveology Moving, we do the multitasking so you don’t have to! We’ll help you locate licensed, bonded and insured moving companies, get truck rental and storage quotes, order moving boxes and much more! We also provide money-saving moving tips and helpful reminders about all of the important details before, during and after your move.

  • File change of address
    • Contact post office for procedures
    • Make a list of all places needing new address notifications
  • Find movers
    • Research local companies
    • Compare prices
    • Call for estimates
  • Get moving supplies
    • Boxes
    • Heavy-duty tape
    • Label and Label Markers
    • Permanent Marker
    • Trash bags
  • Find storage
    • Get monthly rates
    • Secure location
    • AC or temperature controlled
  • Transfer utilities
    • Electric
    • Gas
    • Internet
    • Phone
    • Cable/Satellite
  • Moving Day Preparations
    • Collect security deposit (if applicable)
    • Clean old place
    • Clean new place
    • Set up security System
    • Cash for moving company (if applicable)
  • Return Products
    • Cable/satellite provider equipment
    • Cable/DSL modems
    • Internet
    • Movie rentals
    • Local library books
  • Final Steps
    • Transfer all perishable food first
    • Secure transfer of pets and plants
    • Clean new place
    • Take pictures of antique, costly pieces in the event of damage if movers used
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Moving Checklist

Why Do We Need a Moving Checklist?

While moving companies assist in taking you from point A to point B, it is very important to prepare with a moving checklist beforehand. Initially it may be overwhelming, but preparing before the big move helps manage the entire production effectively. Whether you need certain items shipped, or things taken care of at both old and new locations, having a checklist and tackling each task individually reduces stresses that could have become problematic.

How to Create a Moving Checklist?

List out all the things that you would need to check when you move. You could arrange the list starting from the most important ones to the least important ones. Categorizing always helps when it comes to preparing a moving checklist. The checklist could remind you to research nearby schools, post offices, utility companies and local banks, or could help manage the equipment you already have. They could be items you need to bring; refrigerator, perishable items, or large appliances that need proper care when they are being moved. Also, jot down all bills that need to be paid and any important documents that need attention.

Things to Check on Moving Day

Use a completed moving checklist template to ease the stresses on moving day. Remind yourself to clean the home and check all the rooms before you go. Also, make sure you, your family and your pets have everything you need for the road; from snacks, games and water, to medications and pillows and blankets. Once you have checked everything off the list, it is time for you to lock the doors, hand over the keys and start the journey. For more professional moving advice and tips, visit 1800CableTV.com.

Start Crossing Off Your Checklist NOW! Call 800-936-0589 Today!