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Discover College Cable TV Services for Students!

  • Bring all your favorite programs with you to college
  • Watch college sports in HD & record shows you miss on your DVR
  • Access the largest On Demand Library – with up to 17,000 choices
  • Stay on top of music trends with commercial-free satellite stations
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College Cable Services for Students: Bundle Internet, Cable TV & Phone

Find College Cable services for College Students at 1800CableTV.com In this day and age, everyone is in search of the best way to stretch a dollar. Start here at 1800CableTV.com. If you save on the essentials like TV, Internet and phone – you'll have more room to fund all the fun stuff!

That's not to say you won't be having fun with all your college buddies watching all your favorite shows, because you'll have gotten away with paying the least amount of money for the most amount
of digital channels.

As you gather around the community high definition flat screen, drinking each time Peter says "Sweet" on Family Guy, you can take an extra drink for all the money you're saving on college cable services. Not just this, but cable television providers, in efforts to compete for your business, have gotten more and more aggressive at offering lower prices loading in the features that will entice, such as:

  • Free HD channels
  • Free HD DVR upgrades
  • Large On Demand libraries
  • Great sports networks like ESPN
  • Live PPV sporting events & matches

Take it a step further and order Internet with college cable TV service in a money-saving bundle. You can bundle digital cable with Internet and have more ways to watch your favorite shows as Internet cable TV choices are getting more diverse and technology improves. Let's hope we can expect more sites like Hulu.com and Youtube.com to allow us to stream our favorite programs. You just might become so pleased with all the extras you're getting and all the money you're saving, your "celebration" college video just may go viral!

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