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What Are The Top 5 Movie Channels

Some say that movies are meant to be watched in cinemas only. While it is true that the immersion that is felt in a theatre is unmatched, you cannot argue with the desire to watch great films again and again in the comfort of your own home. Obviously this desire cannot be satisfied by multiple visits to the cinema. New movies are made all the time and that means the old ones, however great they may be are not available after some time. That is where movie channels come in. There is a plethora of such channels offered on cable networks today.

These channels offer us the unique opportunity to watch movies old and new, from the comfort of our living rooms. That effectively means you have a potentially unlimited library of movies available for your viewing pleasure. While the content is not in your control, you are sure to find one that caters to your tastes owing to the large variety of movie channels out there. Here is a breakdown of the top 5 movie channels available as premium channels with most cable TV providers.

Home Box Office (HBO), an all time favorite channel, focuses on all the latest and greatest from the movies. This channel regularly gives tribute to legendary actors and actresses by showing a wide range of their movies as marathon series and more.

Showtime is a movie channel that has gained particular significance owing to its unique programming. The channel aims for an element of class in its offerings.

The Movie Channel is well known for showing old classics, particularly westerns and musicals. Hence there is something available for everyone.

Starz and Cinemax focus on the biggest blockbusters while simultaneously maintaining an all-round portfolio of movies.

Some of these movie channels also allow you on demand viewing for an additional fee. 1.800CableTV can provide you details of the best movie channels and the best cable TV providers in your area.