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Home Phone Services - Why You Still Need It

Communication technology is developing at a breath taking pace and at the forefront of this revolution are cell phones. These handhelds have taken over most of the tasks associated with home telephones. However, home phone services should not be relegated just yet, and there are distinct advantages to keeping that home telephone. A fixed telephone service is the most reliable form of communication. This is so because it does not depend on the wireless signals as well as being able to work independently of a power supply.

The no power requirement factor can come into play in the event of a storm or hurricane that causes a prolonged power outage. You can maintain lines of communication with the outside world even if you cannot get out of the house. A mobile phone will be able to keep up only till there is juice in its battery. Another important benefit of home phone services is accessibility for your children. If you are a concerned parent you might not want your kids to have cell phones until they reach a certain age, but they still need to talk to their friends or they might need to reach you in the event of an emergency so having a home phone can be really beneficial in this regard.

A home telephone can be used in case of an emergency if no mobile phone is available. The 911 helpline can respond more quickly to a call from a landline because they can figure out the address from where the call is being made. A landline can also be used for fax and DSL internet service provision. Although other methods of using the same services are available, doing it through a home telephone line is amongst the most reliable and cost effective. These days home phone services are often bundled with Cable TV and Internet services. 1.800CableTV.com can guide you in securing the best deals in your area.