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Do you have HBO or Showtime With Your Cable TV Provider?

If you are an avid TV watcher, then you probably don't need any introduction to the HBO and Showtime networks that are quite popular and broadcast their offerings on cable television these days.

Showtime Networks is a subsidiary of the popular CBS networks and features a wide variety of content ranging from action to comedy, lifestyle, science and sports. If you haven't given it a look, you are missing out on some really exciting serials such as the action suspense drama Dexter, which revolves around a crime analyst who brings escaped criminals to justice. Another one of their most popular TV shows is Weeds.

Similarly, HBO is also a popular choice amongst teenagers and adults alike. Whether you watch reruns of all-time favorite TV shows such as Sex and the City, or tune in for the current hits such as the vampire drama True Blood and the pop culture drama Entourage, based on a young, up and coming actor's life, friends and parties. One of the newer HBO offerings is Boardwalk Empire, which has recently broken into the TV.com top 100 TV shows. Besides TV shows, HBO also has movie and documentary channels on which it shows everything from the classics to the more recent sci-fi movies. Currently being aired are the recent hits Sherlock Holmes and Avatar and the documentaries such as Wishful Drinking and the more informative Dark Light: The Art Of Blind Photographers.

If you haven't yet subscribed to HBO and Showtime networks yet you could probably use the help of 1.800CableTV.com to provide you information on all the latest and best TV shows being broadcasted on these channels and find you the best digital cable TV provider for your viewing needs. HBO and Showtime are just two of the superb viewing channels that have something for every member of the family and provide great entertainment and information so don't delay - talk to 1.800CableTV.com today.

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