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Cable TV - What's in it for kids under 12?

Television has seen explosive growth as an entertainment medium throughout its lifespan. From adults to children, everyone watches television. There are a plethora of channels available that have content ranging from news and sports to art, movies, music and entertainment. There are some obvious advantages of having cable TV if there are children in your home.

Possibly the most important is choice. Everybody loves options. And with cable TV channels for kids, your child can be spoiled for choice, in a good way. There are many excellent channels that provide a wide range of programming for kids. The content of these programs is as diverse as kids are. There are lots of learning opportunities interspersed with fun and games.

An ideal example is the Nickelodeon television channel. It is widely regarded as the number 1 channel for the kids aged in the 2-11 demographic. The channel has won the hearts and mind of kids for years with its unique programming. The nature of their content appeals to kids and makes them feel involved. Cartoon Network is also an excellent example of kids cable TV channels. The sheer variety of content in the form of cartoons and animated feature films is what makes it a hit amongst children. From showing classics such as Tom and Jerry and Swat Cats to current hits like Dragon Ball Z and Pokemon (the Japanese animated series), the network caters to a wide range of tastes.

An exciting viewing prospect awaits children on the Disney channel. Their original series and movies are super hits across the globe. Kids all over the world over are fans of series like Hannah Montana and Wizards of Wavery Place. The original yet thought provoking stories allow children to associate themselves with the on screen characters and derive more pleasure out of watching. Hence there is no dearth of kid's cable TV channels and 1.800CableTV.com can help you choose what's best for your children who are under twelve years of age.