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Cable TV for Teens - Teen Network Programming

In recent years many cable networks have put their efforts into dragging teens off the streets and in front of the tube through teen network programming. Different companies have started dedicated teen channels to provide their 13-19 year-old viewers with the highest quality cable TV for teens.

Aside from providing teens with their favorite shows, teen network programming helps in preventing adolescents from viewing shows that are meant for an older audience. As a result, many of the problems the society suffers from these days can be evaded. Take for example teen pregnancy and underage sex. According to statistics, teenagers can become sexually active more quickly by watching TV programs that contain sexual content and references. Thus, by screening what they watch, this problem and others can be avoided.

Many cable TV networks have started adopting network programming for teens. As a result, new cable TV networks have started to come into existence. One of the new cable TV networks for teens is The CW , a network which combines the best teenage-friendly UPN and The WB shows. With numerous shows from both networks, the CW is definitely a teen magnet. Teenagers can watch their favorite recent shows such as Supernatural and Smallville, and even get to watch older favorites starting from Buffy the Vampire Slayer and all the way to the Gilmore Girls.

There are plenty of other channels which attract teenagers. MTV and Nickelodeon are two such channels. So, screening what teens want to watch on TV and giving them a network that shows their favorite, 'clean' shows is the perfect solution for parents who want to keep their kids from watching explicit shows but don't want their teenagers to be stuck watching cartoons.

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