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Cable Is The Best Place For The Most Creative Breakthrough Shows

Cable TV programming nowadays has become very diverse in nature. New TV shows are being launched and weaker ones are axed regardless of how successful they had been in the past. Given the diversity of the audience and their stringent entertainment demands, the most creative shows are the ones that remain on air the longest, so the writers have to bring their A-game every time and keep their creative juices flowing at all times. The slightest drop in entertainment quality can drop the axe on a show as seen with the popular cable TV series "Heroes".

An excellent show gaining huge viewership in its first season, Heroes had showed tremendous potential to be one of the best shows on cable TV. However, it was cancelled from cable TV programming after losing the plot somewhere around the end of the second season. Attempts to revive this series failed and on February 8, 2010, it aired its last episode.

While bad shows are still broadcasted on air, there are many exciting new shows being broadcast season by season. Here are a few breakthrough shows now appearing on cable TV networks:

  • Conan on TBS
  • Modern Family on ABC
  • Spartacus on Starz
  • Boardwalk Empire on HBO
  • Pretty Little Liars on ABC Family
  • The Big C on Showtime
  • The shows above are showing much promise with continued viewer support and simply because they bring creativity to the table in the form of humor, suspense, drama and overall great entertainment.

    There is no doubt that cable TV is a place for highly creative content that breaks through the clutter and catches the viewer's attention. However what is essential is that you have the right cable TV provider so you can watch all your favorite shows. 1800CableTV.com will find the best provider in your local area to ensure you see all the latest and most creative programs in one place.